Interesting information on skunks

Hooded Skunk, Wildlife, Portrait

Skunks are the interesting and smelly animals that no one wants around. In case you have ever been curious to know more, but need to do it from a distance, here are some skunk facts for you to enjoy.

* They’re nocturnal. Because they have a tendency to move about at night, this is the best time to seal off their dens or living quarters.

To just over 6 lbs.

* Skunks have been known to be carriers of rabies. This will happen if they are bitten by or eat an animal that’s affected.

* Skunk spray does not carry rabies.

* Though they can spray up to 23 feet, they are only accurate up to 6 or 7 feet.

* The spray comes from the glands located on either side of the anus.

* Musk is another name for the spray.

* A skunk can give warning signals before it sprays.

* Several females may share a land, but usually just one male with live in an area.

* Skunks do not have very good eyesight. Therefore, if you encounter one, be silent and walk away.

* They are non-confrontational for the most part. They usually spray defense to a perceived threat.

* Males don’t help to raise their young.

They live in dens, under buildings and other areas they feel protected in.

* Skunks are not all bad, they like to eat the garden bugs and slugs that damage your plants.

These are just some of the very fundamental skunk facts. They are extremely interesting animals and fun to learn about!

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