Interesting facts about Ireland

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Trivia is always fun to understand; and sharing trivia about countries is always intriguing. Ireland is already a fascinating country, and here’s some interesting information that will change your perspective about Ireland and make you understand how fun it really is.

-Want to be in touch in character? Dublin boasts what is thought of as the oldest zoo in Europe.

-It may be a bit tricky, but upon closer look, windmills in Ireland turn clockwise. All windmills around the world just happen to turn the other way round, all of them turn counter-clockwise.

-Born in an immigrant boat and whose parents are from a place called Country Antrim in Europe, former US President Andrew Jackson is thought of as the only US president who wasn’t born in US.

-In the sphere of agriculture, Ireland was actually the first country in Europe to develop potatoes as a staple.

-John Tydall is known in the scientific world to be the first scientist who was able to explain why the sky is colored blue.

-While in most countries the emergency code 911 is being used, in Ireland they utilize 999 or 112 instead.

-Considered to be the longest and oldest in the world, a place now called Nation Mayo, is a massive field system that can be found in Ireland.

-The US$100 could be accepted in most countries for exchange, but in Ireland, most banks don’t accept this US bill.

-An old Irish symbol, called”Seamroy” is thought to be the symbol of the blessed trinity for Irish people.

-On demographics, it’s said that 35 percent of the people in Australia are of Irish descent.

The day is deemed to be St. Patrick’s Day, and at precisely the exact same time, this is the day that they celebrate the National Day of Ireland as well.

Every nation has their own uniqueness that differentiates it from other nations. It is always best to learn about others so you can widen your understanding about the world. Ireland has a lot to offer to the world. Their wonderful customs, friendly people, delicious food and natural wonders will truly be appreciated around the world.

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